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Junk Mail: Snail-Mail Opt Out List
Most of the junk mail I (and probably you) receive comes out of a company called 'Direct Mail Marketing of America'. They handle direct marketing for literally thousands of companies, from huge multinationals to your local dentist. You can identify mail that has come through the DMMA by looking at the printed recipient address; if it has a 6-letter code on it, such as 'ECRWSS', then that's mail that has
been sent, on behalf of its customers, by the DMMA. The letter code defines things like the area you live in, your income, your interests, etc. A company wanting to use the service would say "I want you to send my jun... err, promotional material to groups ECRWSS, ECRWDD..." and so on.

Today, I see what I can do to get myself off the DMMA's mailing list. Calling their number (212 768 7277) leads me to an offer to have my name added to an 'opt-out' list that all members of the DMA (Direct Marketing association) must use before sending mail. I think, "Sure, I'll give these people a chance to to the Right Thing before I hammer them with Prohibitory Orders".

The form to fill in is Here. One note, the explanation of the form indicates that it wont be effective against people who don't check the list (Duh!), nor effective against mail addressed to "Resident" or "Occupant". Unfortunately, 95% of the junk I get is like this.

Ah well, we'll give it a try anyway, and see how things look in a couple of months.

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wow, they even have the balls to charge you a fee to opt-out, they are sleezy SOBs.

If you want the 'we'll add you straight away' option, yes. The mail-in option is free, but I would have thought it would require more work doing it that way than less.

My initial take on this was "they want to eke some money out of us, just like the places that sell you cheap stuff and hit you for exorbitant postage and handling charges." However, I just now thought of another explanation.

They want to charge a nominal amount to prevent people 'bulk adding' millions of addresses for nothing. And, that's something I can certainly understand, even if I don't like it :)

i would be wary of giving -any- kind of feedback.. i think...
even the "leave me alone" kind. ....tttthhhhough that's
likely due to my exposure to the internet and emailed
spam, where any response only encourages more,
validating your email address.

good luck!

Oh yes, there's no point sending feedback to e-mailed junk mail. I just forward it all to Spamcop, which adds the offending IP address to a blackhole list. About 80% of potential junk mail is filtered out, not received at all.

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