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VCL Pick of the Day: It lives. Again.
There's life in this livejournal feature, yet. How long will this continue uninterrupted? Place your bets now...

Artist: Marie Cannabis Holland

A neat concept in this piece. While the dynamics are okay; it's clearly they're dancing, but somehow the picture still looks 'static', the character design on the ki-rin-ish creature is fantastic. Goes to show you CAN make unique creatures without making it SO obvious that you're trying to make them unique... everything there just fits. Its even unclear if the face markings are a natural part of the creature, or painted on for the occasion. That's a 'cool' place to be in :)

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Hey... you're uploading remarkable work to the VCL, I should be thanking YOU :)

marie does some really fantastic, psychadellic work--it's like you're on someone else's LSD trip, or maybe pepperland... :>

some of her work is a bit quirky, yeah, but there's a lot of thought put into it to make it believable, which is certainly more important than getting every nitpicky detail right...! i'm a big fan of her stuff :>


Maybe we'll get a few more folk being 'fans' too :)

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