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Diary: Yet another outer ear infection
(In my effort to use my journal more, you get to hear about all my personal crap, too!)

Well, I've gone and irritated my ear canal to the point that's gotten infected... again. Dammit. I should learn to stop fiddling with it. The itch goes away a LOT faster than a damn infection :)

So... now its Cipro (Yes, THAT Cipro) drops in the ear, and Vicodin so I can sleep (lasts about 4 hours) some tonight. I don't generally like taking pain killers.... but... getting NO sleep I think is worse.

Oh... the nurse at the clinic suggested I put a drop of mineral oil in my ear canal every now and then. What a unique idea!

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The key's to just stick the Q-tip halfway into the ear. Go till you're just holding it with fingertips, and you've gone too far ;)

Feel better! *snugs*

Actually, the problem is that I'm sticking a q-tip in at all. Every time makes the skin a little drier, a little more irritable, and at some point the skin becomes so damaged that the bacteria, which is always present anyway, 'takes over' and I've got myself the infection.

What you need is lubricated nanobots.

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