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VCL Pick of the Day
Bit of a tough choice today, several pieces caught my eye over others, all for reasons of their own. For the pick of the day, I'll chose the one with the most 'avant garde' reasons:

Artist: Sabrina Macleod

If the URL is any indication, this was done on an Oekaki board. It still impresses me that folk can squeeze some really nice work out of - what I consider to be - hard-to-use graphics programs, and java-based ones at that. No disrespect meant to Sabrina, this isn't even the best example I've seen, either. Here, the colours are used in an interesting way, mixes of colours to create shadows and highlights. I think the line work detracts from it, a little... well... one has to decide where one is going to spend their time :)

The other options were this cuteness by Arjuna, and this kyohtness by Kyoht.

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Hmmm...I like the idea of having the "runners up" section.

Well, I'll do it only if I had to deliberate over several choices :) Hey... you're lucky if you get a daily Pick of the Day... don't be asking for too much, here :)

Then I guess I'll be happy with what I get! ;-)

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