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Thunder and lightning!
One of the biggest things I miss about Melbourne (and I mean the one in Australia, not Mel-borne in Florida) is the active weather systems. Summer in Melbourne is blistering hot. Autumn is windy. Winter is cold and miserable. Spring is wet and sunny and blustery and stormy... often in the same day. I love spring in Melbourne!

Unfortunately, we don't get half of that in the SF Bay area. Most of the time, it's just nice. Too nice. Except today. Today's been raining on and off, and right now it's kicking up a great thunder and lightning show! It's fantastic!

It would be perfect if at the back of my mind wasn't the idea of the power systems getting zapped and frying all the computer gear. Still, I'll try and enjoy it while it lasts... a few more days down the track and we'll back to 'nice' again. Bleah! :)

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You can get some of that weather variation in the northeast, if you ever decide to move. :) I'd love to visit Melbourne some day, crappy weather or not. When did you come to the states?

Moved to the SF Bay Area April 14, 2000.

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