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Introducting the VCL Pick of the Day Helper
And... here's what happens when ideas come to fruition, and fingers hit keys...

Ch'marr-Heart.gif by Ch'marr

If you've enjoyed my 'VCL Pick of the Day', why not start your own, and get people interested in the artists and artwork that you find interesting.

And, I can help you out, too. I've created a VCL Pick of the Day Helper that will help you format your LiveJournal entries in this compact and attractive format.

Give it a go!

Update: I've updated the URL.

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I bookmarked it, will give it a go and shamelessly plug it later (when my day is actually over). You might wanna crosspost this to the VCL community here on LJ.

Was this little heart icon the only creation of yours to be posted online?

Click the 'by Ch'marr' link, and find out for yourself :)

The Ch'marr Heart is one of my favorite pieces!

It went away... if you cant host it anymore mind passign along the source and I will put it up?

Try http://onca.acinonyx.net/potd/ instead... I changed name servers at home.

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