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My VCL Pick of the Day
failure.JPG by Aalbaich

This piece is really disturbing. No, really, it is. I know you're looking at the thumbnail and thinking 'nah, it's not that bad, just the usual angsty piece', and I know you'll change your mind once you view the full image. It's much, much more than your usual angsty piece.

It's the kind of piece that simultaneously revulses you, and makes you want to look for more, like a pileup on the freeway. But, unlike a pileup on the freeway, this is really very cool.

Thanks to silverblue for the idea, I've created a 'interest keyword' for those who regularly post PotDs. Go here to see the list, or add it as an interest.

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yikes! makes me think of Silent Hill imagery. hope the artist feels better soon, yep. but then again, art like this tends to be a good vent.

Yes, it does look like that in a way, but the colours are too saturated for that... well... for Silent Hill 2. I've not played number 3 yet... i've heard it's THE spookiest game there is.

(On #2, I got the suicide ending... I didn't heal up often enough :)

It's given me phantom pains in my feet. Ow. Owww. Of course, it's GOTTA be well-drawn to be that fucking disturbing, but shit, OW.

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