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My VCL Pick of the Day
thunderbird.jpg by Akela-Taka

Simply beautiful. Incredible amount of detail, characterisation, design and fantastic use of colour. I'm very partial to subdued colours and greys, green and grey is a particular favourite. Of course, this is more browns, blues and greys, and that's silly great.

Storms are great, too. And, its great to see the power of the storm captured by the eagle... lovely effect.

Okay, it's late, I'm tired, and I missed a day :)

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this is a slick piece.. nice mood and textures ^_^

Absolutely! The pose is all dynamic and believable... and nice lightning effects to boot! Tasty work!


Did this image have anything to do with Mozilla. A Blue Thunderbird and a Fox... a Firefox perhaps! Could be a complete coincidence but it's interesting nonetheless, and by the way great work

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