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My VCL Pick of the Day
390-navi.jpg by Jocelyn-Dunn

Really interesting character design. (Yes, yes, I really dig weird stuff like this :) ). Having 'fishy' parts all over, rather than a straight delineation of dog and fish, really works nicely. Great choice of colours, too... lots of vibrant pastels give this a distinct maritime feel.

And, a nice, simple background, too. This is something I wish more folk would do; find a simple background with shapes and colours that compliment, but not overshadow, the piece. Sure, plain white is boring and stark, but too many people ruin their pieces by dropping their work onto photographs which make the focus artwork look poor, or a 'larger' version of the focus piece, which is very colour confusing, or something half-hearted which begs the question "Why did you bother?"

This, on the other hand, is really nice.

That barcode, by the way, does NOT read 390 :)

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I fully second you on that statement about backgrounds...

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