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My VCL Pick of the Day
CwynfanPryderiColor.jpg by Bagheera

I don't think anyone that saw this come up in the VCL recent's didn't go ".... wow." Bagheera certainly spent a lot of time with this. The detail's great, a fairly original concept, and certainly for the furry artwork community, great use of colour (check the light reflections in the filigree at the ship's bow).

The sunset is fantastic. It looks near photographic, and, even if it IS a photographic composition, it's done very well.

Oh... and the work has a cheetah in it... what could be more perfect? :)

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That is a really great pic! :)

Somehow I missed this, going through the recent listings, but it's incredible! One of the best pieces of furry art I've seen. (And the LOTR theme doesn't hurt)

to say

thats very good it probley took like 3 weeks

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