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Rant: I am not the target audience.
I have three little axioms that I find many a circumstance to apply. They are:

- People do not read.
- People will not do the right thing unless there are consequences for doing the wrong thing.
- I am not the target audience.

That last one relates to the uncanny ability for the world to try and sell or present to me things I have absolutely no interest in, and take away the things I am interested in. I figure that I simply don't buy enough, so the commercial world-at-large has no interest in trying to sell me things.

In the case I want to talk about today, this has to do with one of the large 'discount' retailers, Costco, having the uncanny ability of discontinuing the very products I want to buy from them regularly.

Firstly, a bit of background. Costco is one of those 'buying clubs', where they get a limited, but pretty good selection of stuff in, and sell them at a significantly cheaper price than the supermarkets. The unit quantities are pretty large, too. (Remember the Simpson's episode with Marge carrying the 1/2 ton tin of nutmeg? :). Even though the selection is limited, they usually stock 'good stuff'. Not necessarily the 'best' brand of any particular thing, but a pretty reasonable one. The occurrence of commercial crap is quite low.

However, that doesn't stop them being annoying. Here is a list of products that they USED TO carry on a regular basis, but have since stopped. Apparently, I must have been the ONLY ONE buying this stuff:

- "Honey Bunches of Oats" breakfast cereal, but the variety WITHOUT the almonds.
- Kirkland Signature (their house brand) 35mm camera film. It was actually rebranded Agfa, which is a lot better than the sheer-crap Kodak Gold they carry now. I've not used my film camera since.
- Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi. They only have the Coke variety now, which doesn't have that nice sharp taste that Pepsi did.
- Diet Seven Up. They have the regular Seven Up, and diet Sprite, both of which taste crap.
- Hansens Smoothie Sodas. THese ones have real fruit juice, and a creamy taste to them. Very nice, until Costco stopped stocking them.
- Roman Meal bread. The one whole wheat bread that tastes good, and stays fresh for at least a week.
- Oral-B Satin dental floss. They have the 'Glide' stuff, but that's nowhere near as good.
- Mentodent dispensed toothpaste. One toothpaste is as good as another, but these came in these cool dispensers... (I wonder if I could stuff some regular toothpaste back into the dispenser?)

I don't know what you think, but to me, that's a LOT of items. A very large chunk out of our regular shopping. Clearly axiom three applies, here.

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Actually, how much of the choices available to us are predetermined by kooky focus groups, and marketoids?

It makes my brain hurt.

I miss the rebranded Agfa, too. Kodak's consumer film is utter crap. I -still- have Gold left over from a purchase 5 years ago I don't want to use.

Now, if we can get them to carry Kodak Portra NC or VC, life would be gooooooood.

No more Pepsi Pointless? Just what am I suppose to drink if I come and visit again?

Heh, I have the opposite effect.

"Hey, I need a barstool."
*walks into a second hand furniture store*
"Hey, barstool, 2.50 a piece.."

We should go shopping together :>

Le pauvre.

Try Sam's club... if those exist in California.

Yeah, that happens at the store where I work. they never restock the things I love

- fortune cookies
- cranberry-lime soda
- chicken fried rice bowls

I hate that

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