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Further confusion epilogue
Well, yet another case of me neglecting my livejournal for way too long. So, to get out of the hole, I stopped digging, and thought I'd regale my experiences of the cause of my LJ neglect.

Several months ago I offered to help out with the art show at this year's Further Confusion. I had no inkling of what kind of time sink this would turn out to me. Right up front I should say that I enjoyed every minute of it. It was a lot of fun, and it was great to see many happy faces around me due to the things I did, and things I was involved in. I wouldn't change it. But... it would have been nice to see more of the con, and more of my friends that attended, too. :)

Setting up all the frames and panels was fun. Lots of work, but it got done quickly when everyone focused on what they were doing. About 6 hours work there. Once we were done, we opened up the show for artists to hang their work... this was Thursday night, and we weren't scheduled to open it up for that until Friday morning. Lots of folk happy we did that, too; Friday Morning was dealer's room excitement :)

I was also involved setting up the computer gear to handle the art show database. Just the computers, the software was written by someone else... The software certainly worked well, too, even if it didn't have the same polish I'm used to under OS/X :)

What contributed to the time sink was probably my eagerness to help out, even when I wasn't scheduled to... again, it was a lot of fun. It's great to be able to help out artists, folk that I respect a lot for their skills and dedication, and have them visibly appreciate the effort. This is probably the major reason I still persist with the VCL :)

But... I DID get to spend some choice time with good friends of mine, such as Chris Goodwin, Kacey Maltzman and Noriko, Javachickn and Devon (apologies to those folk who's names I've forgotten)... it was also great to take them to suggested places for dinner and have then actually really enjoy it. I'm not such a cultural sophisticate, being the geek and all, so my 'favourite places' tend to be rather bland. El Burro on the first night out, though, was a big hit :)

I DID miss out on doing the cheetah-bodypaint thing, though. If I help out with art-show next year, I WILL schedule my time better.

A big THANK YOU to those that made my con a fun time!

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*hugs* thank you for everything; it was quite grounding to be around you. i think i would've been in over my head otherwise.

There's nothing as satisfying as seeing a smile on someone's face from something one did. So... you are most welcome. :)

big big big BIG thanks for the rides to and from the con --- it was totally appreciated. <333

It was so much not a problem that I forgot to even mention it :)

Loved the Time With You Too

Kacey and I both loved the time we got with you as well. It is starting to become a habit for us at cons to do dinner and time with you and we are really getting to enjoy your company.

Your help with the main problem showing its face was more comfort to Kacey than I could ever find words for... Thank you for being there.

I look foward to more cons with you and your time being monopolized by us... Or at least a good Dinner like that one at Applebees...
Maybe next time they will have my Drambuie... But then again I did get to have a Drambuie Double on Ice last night to accompany the BV' Cabernet 81... So all is well...

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