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Identity Theft.
So... now's the time to use my journal for something important. Which will not be anywhere near as effective as if I had been using my journal regularly. Shame on me :)

There is a person on a bestiality forum (name withheld) using the name 'chmarr', a cheetah character as a avatar species, and until recently, two of my commission pieces as an avatar and image signature. This person is NOT me, but instead someone who likely decided that assuming the identity of all these cool cheetah renditions would be a good idea.

However, this means that there's a rumour floating around that I'm an active (including posting of other people's stories without attribution) member of this forum, which is categorically false.

I found out about this person about three weeks ago, when someone approached me wanting to find out more about the stories I had 'written'. Since I didn't know what the inquisitor was talking about, I decided to look into it a bit more, and discovered what this 'chmarr' person was doing.

As well as using the name, he had taken the two pieces Wookiee had very kindly drawn for me, and composited them into a single image, titling it 'chmarr' (with that incorrect spelling) and using it as his forum avatar and image signature.

I wrote to 'chmarr' asking him to both stop using the images (doing so being a violation of copyright, and disrespectful to myself and the artist), and to stop using my name (doing so causing confusion and likely to cause more). He refused on both counts, claiming that he came up with the name and character independently, and even going so far as to say that 'Ch'marr' is a common name.

(Note that I needed to create an account on that forum, called 'Ch'marr', in order to be able to communicate with 'chmarr' and the administrator of the site.)

I, with Wookiee's help, convinced the administrator of the site to forcibly remove the pictures. I had not yet decided what to do about the name, but... I had a vacation looming, and decided to deal with the matter when I got back home.

I'm still on vacation now but apparently the information has 'leaked' into the furry community, and we all know how good a conductor the community is for false rumours, don't we? So, now I have a state where several people that I would prefer to maintain the respect of believing something completely different about me. That I'm active on a bestiality forum, and, possibly worse, that I'll plagiarise other people's stories! :)

I still don't know the best course of action regarding the 'theft', but for the moment, I would much prefer that people in the furry community had truthful information rather than false rumours.

If you've passed on the rumour yourself, can you please pass on the URL to this journal entry to those that you've told. If you've posted the rumour to a public location, such as a BBS or a journal entry, can you similarly pass on the URL along with a sort summary, such as "It appears that someone is using Ch'marr's name and avatars". Also, can you point me to the original posting.

Or, simply, if you've seen this rumour spread anywhere, please tell me the URL, so I can post or arrange a correction.

I really dont want to get anyone (except this fake 'chmarr') into trouble, nor harass anyone for spreading a false rumour. I just want to make sure my integrity is maintained. I consider myself to be a very open and honest person; if I make mistakes, or do stupid things, I'll admit them... and do my best to make them Right. But the flip side is that I take attacks on my integrity VERY seriously, and I want to pursue this falsehood right to its source, or sources... making sure everyone up the chain knows about the falsehood.

I've intentionally omitted the name of the board. I don't want to give the board more publicity, nor do I want people harassing 'chmarr' directly, since that will quite probably make him 'dig in'; I'd still like to encourage him to take a more distinct identity, and voluntarily. Remember, all I want is to stop the current and future confusion over identities.

Thank you kindly for your cooperation.

Shitty. I'll try to quell any rumors if they float by.


missed you at AC this year *hugs* good luck with the doppleganger(!)

Igh. Well, at least I'll know to set things straight if I catch an earful of such innuendo. See you on the channel.

Shit like this just gets more and more common lately. The world needs more angry pistol-whipping riot cops to deal with these people.


Sounds like Uncle Kages Big Belgian Nemesis :'

Uncle Kage? Wasn't that guy Nekobe's nemesis?

That's hideous.

I'll keep an ear out for rumors and whack them.

sheesh..that's downright rude... *shakes head*

I wish you luck..hopefully they learn they are doing the wrong thing!

Ouch, ouch, ouch...

God, I'm sorry that someone is dragging your name through the mud. It sounds like what happened with Tigerwolf.

You've done so much for the furry community. Good luck dealing with the idiot.

oh my god. (just hope the guy's not a stalker O_O)

You'd think the guy could have, ya know, picked someone with a lower profile? Maybe you should reward his gumption by letting him sub for you as admin. His bold new management style could be a breath of fresh air!


I don't know anything about mucks or anything, but I'll keep an eye out around the way;)

Okay, noted and logged. I'll keep an eye on the Goons in case one of them screws up. After what happened to Tigerwolf, I have to keep that bunch on their toes.

If I see anything about it, I'll be sure to tell them differently!

I put a link in my lj to this, and i got your back :3
Missed ya at ac this year ;;

I've had similar happen to me. Sorry to hear that dude is being a creep... think it's purposefully to defame you? After all, you're a bit famous...

I also assume you've done a search for 'chmarr' now as well? I did and saw another sex forum with that name being used in that spelling and capitalization (but won't jump to comclusions)

Thank you, everyone, for your support!

I'll keep an eye out for it as well, good luck and i hope you get this resolved.