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My VCL Pick of the Day
PotD... Oh yes, I remember this...

headshot_arc.jpg by Andrea-Koupal

Andrea's work is very typically lovely. In this the green colouration of the colour is beautifully set against the blue/green of the background. Green and grey work very well together, giving the piece a cool, wet appearance. Having an adorable character in no way hurts, either :)

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About time you remembered this place. I've been picking up your slack! =};-3

Excellent choice.

My shame knows no bounds! :)

(Deleted comment)
And, in return, it was very nice of you to create something so remarkable :) Thank YOU!

Hehe, that's Arc Nova, a close friend of mine ^_^ You can bet he was more than ecstatic when Andrea unveiled that gorgeous pic. :P

Indeed. I seem to recall having fallen into the same position of worship as depicted in that image. :3

Andrea must be my Fairy Godmother. She makes me look beautiful. ^____^

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