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Off to meet the US consolate
Well, in a couple of hours I'll be speaking with the nice people at the US Consulate in Melboune.

See... my H1 visa for working in the US expired. Since I already had a renewed work permit, I was allowed to keep working in the US (for the one specific company, of course), but as soon as I leave the country I need to get the visa renewed again.

Unfortunately, the procedure has changed and, to my embarrassment, I didn't get all the details I needed. Instead of a walk-in procedure like it was the last time, it's now a 3-5 week procedure involving mailing in forms, sitting a scheduled interview, and waiting for stuff to be sent back. I go in for the interview this morning. I'm sure it'll be fine :)

Still, it was far longer than I was expecting, and my original airline ticket back to the US is now wasted. When I was enquiring about how much it would cost to delay the ticket, the airline repesentative said "Oh my... I've never seen anything this restrictive." Never a good sign. Thank God for frequent flyer points, or I'd send myself bankrupt trying to get back home.

Update: Visa Approved! Yay! Just need to wait a couple of days for them to send the stamped passport back to me. I'm sure they'll take the opportunity to run my fingerprints through all sorts of databases, of course. Next steps are waiting for the passport, and organising flights, and I can go back to building my plane! Oh... and work and friends, too :)

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Good lord! Good luck!

Ugh. Good luck proving that you are not a terrorist...

"Update: Visa Approved" Yay, congrats. Have fun waiting for the passport :/

Glad you passed the security checks! :-)


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