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My VCL Pick of the Day
ex_14.jpg by Monsieur-Le-Eh

Monsieur Le Eh's gone through some stylistic changes, and this one is pretty neat... Sketchy lines and a digital watercolour style colouring has come out very nicely. The character here is interesting... have a look at the way her fur bells out over her wrists and ankles, giving that over-cliched 'baggy pants' look without the pants or sleeves.

The rest of Monsieur's work is worth a look, but it's not particularly safe for work. Lots of zaftig characters! :)

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Excuse me? Mind to explain the meaning of "zaftig", please? I have never heard (or read) of it, till today?

Really? I'm surprised you don't know about this one :)

zaftig comes from the german word for 'juicy', and refers to women of a more 'luxurious' stature :)

The German for "juicy" is spelt "saftig" in High German and "saffdig" in certain regions of Switzerland and Austria. The connotation to women of a more "luxurious" stature is unknown to me; To my knowledge it is neither used in German nor in (northern) British English.

I've no idea where it's used myself, since I only heard about the term recently.

Of course, a quick google search returns many relevant entries :)

A woman who is not a twig with tits grafted on. A body that's not svelte, but carries a bit of a tummy. In other words, someone whos body is natural, instead of the product of plastic surgery.

I prefer the term "Rubenesque." =};-3

i like the floofy arm and legs, yep.

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