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Going home!
On Tuesday, my visa-stamped password was returned to me. Hooray! The next problem was then to try and get back home. All the possibilities for using frequent flyer points were gone; I really should have taken the available seats when I enquired about it last Friday, but... there was no guarantee I would have been able to take the Wednesday-morning flight. So... time to shell out for the 'bend over and rape me' priced airfares... thank's to my company for chipping in part of that to get me back earlier :)

Still... kudos to the US Consulate in Melbourne. Friendly, courteous, and they did everything exactly when they said they would, or as fast as I could reasonably expect: the initial forms were processed and sent back the day they received them (two day turn around), and my passport arrived on the very day they said it would.

Australia was great... but it'll be great to get back 'home' again :)

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YAAAYYYY!!! We'll be awfully glad to have you back home!

Well, at least you're not 'stuck' in some foreign country where you can hardly speak the language. :-)

Well, we're glad to have you coming home. Bring back a box of Yowies for your friends. =};-3

17 cases of TimTams.

You can leave the Marmite there, though.

Its vegemite... and yes, leave it all here. Don't want the US folks getting their paws on our secret weapons...

hope you have a safe and uneventful trip home

What, no Violet Crumble?

More seriously.. hope you get back here safe and soon, Ch'marr.
It'll be good to get back in swing at work with you.

Re: Australian goodies...

You can get Violet Crumble at Cosentino's.

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