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On Chain Letters
Whoa. I've been neglecting my Journal for a while, haven't I? Well, I'm sure there are other interesting things out there to keep you busy, so I don't feel so bad about not making my own contribution. That's, of course, no reason to not keep contributing, so, here goes...

Today, I received one of those e-mail chain-letters. (If you're reading this, no, I don't hate you... but you might want to read this anyway ;) This isn't the first time I've received one, of course, but I decide to write about it today.

For everyone that's listening: DO NOT SEND ME E-MAIL CHAIN LETTERS.

I don't care that a thousand Somalians will die if I don't forward it on; the chain letter isn't going to stop that. Nor do I care if the UN wants my support to stop the War On Iraq; because it's probably a fake, and the US government doesn't listen to e-mail petitions anyway. I don't care that there's a new virus out there and it's infected your computer; the letter is likely a hoax, and the instructions in that email actually DAMAGE your computer, rather than repairing it.

You see, the only thing that the chain-letters do is to waste people's time. Sure, it might be fun for the person initially sending the email, to see how many times, and with how many signatures it has when it comes back around to the sender. It might even be fun for you, for the same reasons, or perhaps it gives you a warm-fuzzy to send something apparently useful on (and, let me tell you, it's not
going to do a damn bit of good). But, it isn't useful to me. All you're doing is wasting my time, and giving my email address to a bunch of your friends (because you used Cc rather than Bcc), and I bet one of those friends has a virus-infected version of Microsoft LookOut (err OutBreak, no, I mean Outlook... I think), and I'm going to be bombarded with even more copies of Klez.

Just, leave me out of it. Do your friends a favour and leave them out of it too, but me most importantly.

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But if you dont send off the chain mails to atleast 278 people within 4 mins you will never meet your true love!
Yeah.. i hate them too... and it seems nowerdays that more and more people send me them just to annoy me -_-

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