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VCL Turns 10 in November. Are there older art sites out there?
Firstly, I'm telling the world that the VCL turns 10 on Thanksgiving this year. Yay! I'm sure we'll do something or another. At the very least, I'll have a commemorative button to give away :)

10 years ago, Brian Antoine turned on his FTP server to publish a bunch of furry art that he'd collected over the years. Since then we've grown a bit, and added some new features (certainly not as many as people would like), but goddammit we've been stable (both the site, and the administration). Even the Sweden Shutdown didn't affect us that badly. Hooray!

We're certainly the longest-running furry-art archive/gallery there is. The closest contender, Avatar, would have beaten us if they were still around (no, re-starting it now doesn't count ;) ). Elfwood was founded in May 1996, and Yerf (nee Squeaky Clean Furry Archive) was later that year.

But... it makes me wonder... are we the longest-running art archive/gallery of any kind? That would be a little much to hope for, but the oldest non-furry gallery I can think of is Epilogue which was created in December 1998.

Know of any other contenders?

Update: The fan-art section of lionking.org has me beat by at least 6 months :)

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Actually, one of my own friends might have me beat on this. Lionking.org has been around since Jan 1995. However, the history doesn't say when the fan-art section started, which is closest to what I'm trying to compare to. Unfortunately Brian's on vacation for a few more weeks, so I can't ask to confirm :)

And... further research shows an 'old' HTML page that mentions fanart.lionking.org, and that entry was dated May 1995. So... not only is the VCL not the oldest art gallery, it's not even the oldest FURRY art gallery, unless I make up a bunch of stupid conditions, which would be... well, stupid :)

Shouldn't a site have art to qualify as an art archive?

well then we'll have to do something really freaking special, dammit! <3

*Coughs* Well not an online gallery - but one for fans

Anipike is older than your site ;) it was interesting how many sites that are mainly fan run are still around.

Re: *Coughs* Well not an online gallery - but one for fans

Older by 3 months, yes. (Reference).

It's a multi-function site, though, so I wonder how long they've had their 'fan art' gallery section for ? That's really what I'm measuring against, hear. lionking.org, which I mentioned above, was around for a while before getting a fan-art section, too.

Re: *Coughs* Well not an online gallery - but one for fans

That's correct, it turns 10 years tomorrow. As far as the Fan Art Section I know there was one around for quite a while considering how long I've been online and not to mention that many times sites like bigfire and usenet would take pics from John Kim and stuff though I know there were older artists, I'm not sure if Hiro was out longer than him. I'll have to ask one of the other oldtimers like Hiro (but I haven't seen him in quite a while).

Being its webmistress is interesting since I took over, because the owner and I are two days apart (in birthdays), I was the 12, he was the 14 then Anipike is 16 so it's really funny .

I seem to recall that we're the largest art archive there is. Or maybe Dev-art's bigger, I don't know I never go there. We might not be the longest but hopefully we're the biggest.

Certainly largest furry-art focussed archive/gallery, but not the largest overall gallery by a long shot. For example, deviantart has over 15 MILLION submissions, compared to VCL's 300,000.

Wow, 10 years? I though it had been around much less time... But that's a good thing. :)

And btw, you're doing great work there, keeping the site up and all. Keep it going! :3

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