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Not much work done today.
Just a few things tonight:

* Handled two new applications
* Responded to a report on a upload that slipped my attention. Sonic fanart. Zappage. (Thanks to all those that send in reports!)
* Ate too much candied ginger... way too much.... mmm... if I barf, it will be delicious!
* Starting to set up a replacement server for home. Actually, just a replacement OS. I need this for VCL so I can run test code on a non-live system. What I'm running is so old it wont run the VCL code. Setting up the server is easy. Getting all the settings for networks, firewalls, domains, mail, mailing lists, and so on is hard. I'm thinking I might drop the new OS in place and fix things as I go along. My home server's not that critical.... well... except for mail.

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yay n_n stuff :D

Tasty barf...

LOL, reporting fanart is probably the only good thing to come from vcl_horrors. :3

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