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VCL Pick of the Day
Well, looking on my last post on Chain Letters, it was way more ranty than I had intended. Gah. Really don't want my live journal to turn into a continuous stream of rants, so, sorry about that. Anyway, been meaning to find some impetus to keep at least one entry a day in the journal, to keep it interesting. So... here comes the idea...

I look at the VCL a lot, which may come as no surprise to some people ;) I've been meaning to have some kind of 'art spot' to highlight pictures I thought were neat, but I didn't want to do this on the VCL itself, as it's more of a personal opinion than any sort of official endorsement. What better place to do that than here?! And... this should keep the journal nice and fresh, too.

My 'picks of the day' will not necessary be the best artwork, but more the piece that most 'caught my eye' in any day-ish period. Ie, something that makes me go "wow, that's neat!"

Here's the very first VCL Pick of the Day, done by Manzi DeYoung:

This is the 3rd in a series of visual interpretations of 'mental illnesses'. For some reason, I must have brushed over the first two, but this one certainly grabbed my attention. I'll admit that I have a liking for Giger's work, and this has shades of that; the unnatural, or altogether too-natural bonding of organic and inorganic material into some visually barely alive mass has always held a fascination for me.

This particular piece depicts 'schizophrenia' rather well... two distinct personalities depicted here as two distinct bodies, held together with tenuous, various links, both weak and strong. Great piece of work.

Hit the artist link and go check out the other two... I look forward to seeing more. Note some of the other works may not be view-at-work-friendly, and I hope to see the descriptions be more useful in the future.

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks for the clarification. I did know that, but... the distinction was sitting way back in the brain :)

And, you might... it's not necessary 'good art' that catches my attention, but a 'good idea', too, and anyone's capable of that without artistic practice :)

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