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Junk Mail: Could it really be working?
And, by the subject line, I'm referring to my efforts to have the junk mail appearing in my letterbox stopped. It looks like my efforts are paying off big time.

Since the Prohibitive Order and the subsequent courtesy calls, I've not received a single piece of junk from PennySaver, which used to come in weekly, more more often. Regarding AT&T Broadband, the other PO recipient, I've received one piece, but that was right on the 30-day period that the recipient has to stop sending the mail; the litmus test will be in the next few weeks :)

The other major junk-mail sender, Advo, has recently changed their tactics. Instead of their mailing being addressed, it's coming through as un-addressed, which is rather interesting. How can I get my name removed from a mailing list if it's not on there in the first place. I've actually received two 'junk packages' like this. The first was clearly marked 'Advo' in the spine of the 'outer'. The other had no such markings, and I'm yet to determine where this has actually come from. I'm sure a determined trip to the Post Office will reveal the information, but... I'm trying to minimize my efforts as well as my junk, so, I took a different tact.

Above the letterbox hole, I put a sign that read "No Advertising Material, Addressed Mail Only". However, that didn't stop the second package of un-addressed junk coming through.

I know of a method called 'Carrier Route Delivery' which will have junk sent to everyone on a particular carrier's route (thus the name). So, I amended the sign to read "No Advertising Material, No "Carrier Route" delivery, Explicitly Addressed Mail Only", plus leaving a "To Mr. Postman" letter on the clip next to the box for him to read. Since that day, about a week ago, I've not received any further un-addressed mail.

The contents of the letter might have had something to do with it. It went along like this:

Please do not deliver 'carrier route' mail to this address. We are in the process of contacting companies to prevent junk mail being delivered here. Un-addressed mail makes this difficult, as there is no mailing list to be removed from. Our alternatives are a) to ask you to not deliver carrier route mail to this address, and we have added a sign to help you remember, or b) issue a Prohibitive Order against the company. The latter would make the USPS complicit in violation of 39 USC 3008, and I'm sure neither of us want that. If you can't comply, please contact me on ###-###-#### and I'll take it up with your PostMaster.

And, voila, no un-addressed mail for a week so far. Bliss! :)

Next Target: Cambridge Sound.