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We don't need no steekin' cheetahs!
Sometime late in 2005 I had my iPod stolen. Very annoying. What made it doubly annoying was that the burglars smashed my car window to get to the iPod. So, not only am I short an iPod (one that did firewire, to boot), but I had to fork over $150 to have the window replaced. Bleah.

One thing good did come out of it. For one, the responding officer was an absolute honey. Oh my :) Unfortunately, that didn't lead to anything saucy. However, in the course of the conversation, while she was doing all the forensic stuff on my car and us talking abotu what our favourite TV cop shows were, she suggested I look into the municipalitie's Community Police Acadamy. This is precisely where I was this evening.

The 'academy' is really just a series of informational presentations, many of them 'hands on' about the city's police department. Ie, a chance for members of the community (anyone that lives or works in the city) to find out what kinds of things the police do, what their job is like, what they put up with, what tools they have at their disposal, and so on.

Tonight was the second session. We had a talk from one of the lieutenants of the FOD - the Field Operations Department - about their day to day procedures, we got to poke around inside various police vehicles. Then a talk from the School Resources Officers, about their DARE program. Unfortuantely, the speaker wasn't that engaging, but still engaging enough.

Back to the vechicles for a moment. The city had the usual allotment of patrol cars, swat vechicle, command vechicle, but there was this really cool oddity. Wells Fargo had donated a armoured vechicle, which the police has dressed up in their livery and lights. They use it to 'crash' into dangerous situations. For example, as the 'lead vechicle' in an assult on an armed person. I should have taken a picture... I'll see if I can get one next week.

Or.. perhaps not... I'll be too busy getting drunk :) Yes... the police are going to get me drunk, on their ticket, as an example of DUI effects. They asked me what kind of alcohol, and I said "Irish Whiskey"... which they were pleased about, since past volunteers have asked for beer, and that often doesn't get people drunk enough. Whee! This should be fun :)

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wow this sounds so cool

and they seem like a party bunch! ^_^

will you get to wear any sort of uniform?

After the right number of glasses, he'll be wearing anything :)

Hush, you... no giving away all my secrets at once! ;)

*grins* Uniforms! :)

First week we were given t-shirts with a very small version of the 7-pointed star on it. Can't really be mistaken for a real police uniform though. We're encouraged to wear them to the sessions.

Oh that sounds like fun. I wish that I could see what a sauced cheetah does when he's had a bit too much.

staggers drunkenly faster than any other land mammal?

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