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Oh man, I am so drunk!

Actually, I'm not anywhere near as drunk as I was half-an hour ago... the drunkedness suddently washed off as I was dozing.... I was like "whee! whee! whee! Whoa... where did that sensation go." Now, I just have a mild headache from dehydration, which I'm attacking with some Staminade, which I must again thank wolphin for brining for me, and also remember to convince this mob to stock.

So... what's this all about, and how did it go?

So... I'm doing this Community Police Academy thing. One of today's presentation was on DUI. Last week they asked a couple of volunteers to get drink on the police department's ticket. Of course, I volunteered :) Here's some quick notes on how it went:

- We were asked what kind of alcohol we wanted. I asked for Irish Whiskey, considering I've recently been introduced to it and I thought it was a quick way to get drunk. They appreciated my choice in terms of quickness! :) What I ended up with was Bushmills, which is concered a "blah" Irish, but I didn't mind too much. Especially after drinking half of the 750ml bottle!

- I thought I was doing just fine... but the drunkedness suddently lept upon me, and I was like Whoa!. I took notes on a lot of the effects, and I'll try and transcribe them later.

- I DID manage to walk around the classroom several times. One as part of the demonstration... the other as part of 'the break' so I could have one of my chocolate cookies that I bought along.

- I threw up a little on my notes... this is when they escored me to the bathroom, where I spent a good half-our just calming down :) I've been offered a spare folder.

- When I came back out again, the fire department was there, in their role as paramedics, giving me a glucose test... I passed that okay :)

- I'd arranged for a friend from work to give me a ride home. The volunteers at the session called the friend for me, who seemed quite bemused. I'm sure I'm going to get royally teased at work today.

I kinda wish someone had taken a picture ... not of the vomit, but my effots to stand up :)

Conclusion: being drink... THAT drunk... is not fun. But, I'm appreciative of the experience :)

Update: Okay, re-reading this in the morning I've found a bunch of spelling errors... I'll leave them all in for posterity :) (Jareth: this makes SEVEN smileys now :) No, wait... EIGHT)

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Man that Icon is seizure inducing :p

Imagine how it looks when one is drunk! :)

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