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A lunchtime story.
Wow, it's been almost one year since I used this thing...

Here's an interesting lunchtime story I want to share!

Took my car to the Speedee Oil Change near work during lunchbreak. I asked for the oil change, and also to check and top-off the brake fluid since the brake light was intermittently coming on. They said "okay" to the oil change (of course), but said they don't do top-offs, but will check the fluid as part of an over-all break inspection.

Well, okay, this is all part of the usual "up sell" you get from anywhere, and I've long since given up getting annoyed over that. I said "okay, go ahead and do that."

About 90 minutes and Quiznos later, they called my name and said "Chris? Oil change and tyre rotation, right?"

"Nope. It was a brake check."

"Oh... well then, you just got a free tyre rotation... and we'll top off that brake fluid for you... and we'll give you a $5 discount... and you can have a free brake check next time you're in."

So! Not only did I get what I originally asked for, I got a free tyre rotation, free fluid top-off, free brake check (next time), and a $5 off :) Woo!

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Apparently they haven't gotten the memo from Circuit City that customer service is dead. Thankfully!

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