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You're stuck with me another 3 years, at least.
I got my H1B extension approved. This means I can continue working in the US until 2010. Yay! The company is still working on a greencard for me, which is, like "any day now", but this takes a lot of stress off, and does mean I can go back home and visit the family in Australia in June (and come back ;) ).

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2010?! Thats the fu--- ... wait, no, it's in 3 years. Why does that sound like a year that should be on the cover of a comic book?

Yey! *bouncies*
Very happy to hear that you can go to Australia and get back in as that was a major worry for you. Looking forwad to hearing your new stories when you get back.

Well if you want to become an American you need to learn to be more obnoxious. None of that "Guday mate" crap. Its "Hey you stupid bastard, who taught you how to merge!"

You just to sweet to be an American.

Oh also you need to want to bomb the shit out of smaller countries.

Okay... let's try this:

.... "I say, good chap, may I enquire as to who educated you on your merging skills?"

Nope... not quite there yet.

Do you travel back and forth a lot?
how much do tickets usually cost you?
I'd like to take a trip down there some time, but the cheapest I can ever find is like $1,200 :P

The cheapest I've ever gotten a return ticket from the US to Australia, return, is $1000. $1200 is probably the cheapest you'll get nowadays unless you can land a special deal somewhere. $1200 is exactly what I've paid for my trip in June.

I used to travel once a year, but I've had a bunch of crap to deal with in my life, including my relationship with time (*grin*) and have been travelling less.

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