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VCL Pick of the Day
Oopsie, looks like I missed Saturday. This might be harder to maintain than I originally thought :) Well, I'll just recover as best I can by choosing my pick from the lot I saw yesterday.

This one's by moderately long-standing VCL Artist 1311 (If you write 'Bill' in a really crappy handwriting, it looks like 13:11 :)

I don't know if this is intentional or not, but to me, his drawings have always harboured a kind-of barely-restrained insanity. Not the really scary kind, but the kind that you like to look at and laugh at, perhaps from a safe distance, lest they break free from the constraints of your browser, pounce you and throttle you and nick all your PS2 games.

Apparently, he's putting up a few images that have all been done in under 20 minutes. (!) Again, go look. Nothing non-work-friendly here.