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New Job!
Since a few friends have been asking, I thought I'd share, here, what's been happening with my live over the past couple of months.

I'm now working for Truviso, a small database startup in Foster City, CA. This came about because in early October, I got fired from my previous job. Yep, fired.

I'd been working there for over seven years, and since the start of the year I've been struggling with maintaining focus and performance at work. Between then and "the end", I've had periods where I thought I got a handle on my attitude towards work, and at other times I've done sweet FA. What I did create towards the end is positions within the company that I'd like to work on, such as sustaining engineering, network analysis or even database work, but for one reason or another those kinds of positions were not offered to me and, in the end, they decided to let me go.

And, really, it's something I should have done for myself a year ago, or so. Mostly I was sticking around to see if I could get my green-card sorted out, which had already been taking WAY too long. But the company made the decision for me.

But, I'm glad they did. After a very busy month of sending out job applications (mostly through LinkedIn), doing phone interviews and on-site interviews, I have a lead QA position within Truviso, and after about 2 weeks at work, I'm really, REALLY enjoying it. Most definitely a good fit for both of us.

So, while 2007 mostly sucked, the ending is turning out alright. Bring on 2008! :)

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That is indeed good to hear. Thanks for letting us know.

I'm so happy to hear you found a new job and are liking it so well. I can relate to your experience because I myself just went through something very similar.

When we got to hang out at AC, that was the happiest I had been in months, and finally I accepted that the icky feelings I had were all work related, and any time I was away from that place, things improved drastically. It was time to move on.

I'm working in car sales now myself. Something I never saw myself doing, but the best option otherwise until I can get some certifications for technical or computer related work, or find something else.

Here is to lots of good to come for 2008!

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