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The most well known and least popular diet.
I'm making this post on advice of my guidance councellor (otherwise known as "friend more grounded in reality than I am")

I've been on the "Eat less and exercise diet" for about 3 weeks now, eating NO junk food, avoiding starch and cutting down on other carbohydrates, plus actually maintaining going to the gym and spending 30 minutes on the elliptical.

Results: lost 9 pounds* and so far burning 450 kcal on the elliptical.

Woo! Celebrate!

*A combination of aviation and spending 8 years in the US has all but killed my fanaticism in the metric system :)

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Congrats! :) Losing weight is hard.
Your system sure beats my method of eating whatever the food bank sends and burning it off by working 12-14 hour days.
Do you avoid specific types of starches and carbs, or just the whole category?

OMG someone reads this? :)

yeah, I can imagine that the food bank isn't going to be sending particularly healthy food. Lots of processed junk.

I'm mostly avoiding the whole category, but especially potato. I'm having a salad of some kind for lunch far more often than a sandwich, and when given a choice, I'll substitute some veggies for rice or bread. And... if a meal has rice, I'll just eat less of it. I'm still having a bowl of cereal in the morning, though. Mmm.... cereal :)

So, the problem now is pushing back the hunger pains. We have protein bars at work, so I'm having two of those a day. If I can find something else that keeps my mouth busy and fills me up, I'll take that.

Oh, something I thought was cool. If I'm not cooking dinner, or for lunch at home, I'll have a plate full of cubed ham and cheese, nuts, cucumber, baby bell peppers and sometimes beef jerky. Its now as tasty as eating candy.

Why post stuff if you don't expect it to be read?

Actually, most of our free food isn't too processed, but is frequently high in carbohydrates. There's always more bread than anyone needs (especially anyone avoiding excess carbs).

The tricky thing is having so much of whatever is in season. Over the holidays it was oranges, (we are still up to our ears in low-sugar marmalade). A few months ago it was carrots, which lead to a pretty good and very filling carrot soup recipe if you are interested. Right now its oranges again and string cheese. No new ideas for those yet.

Let me know if you want to trade low carb/low fat recipes. I've got a few good ones.

Evil imperial cheetah. Metric, all the way. But congrats on loosing the weight, even though its in pounds, but that does mean a loss of three nice sized fish once I convert it.

Mmm... fish :)

Actually, that's a great idea for dinner tonight. We have a whole stack of salmon in the freezer.

What, you are still alive?
And how much is this "9 pounds" in civilized measurements?

Yahoo! I'm attempting the same thing myself, currently! Diet, and exercise, wise, that is. Been faltering for a week but it's time to get back on the horse (read: bicycle)!

Also: hi! Long time no type!

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