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Phone fun.
So, I received a test message on my 'temporary' phone last night: "SprintFreeMsg: Your request to remove service features from your Sprint account was completed"

Umm... I made no such request. I hurriedly called Sprint to make sure they didn't mess with my "awesomely cheap and useful plan that doesn't exist anymore" plan, and no, nothing's changed, it was just a weird artifact of activating a temporary phone, and was told to just ignore the message, with apologies. Sheesh! I really have to guard that "awesomely cheap and useful plan that doesn't exist anymore" plan with my life! :)

Now... why I'm using a temporary phone: My normal phone died. You would die, too, if you were accidentally dropped into a chemical toilet :) For some strange reason, Sprint didn't want to repair the phone. Ah well... thank goodness for insurance :)