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So... had a car accident on the way home tonight. The first car accident I've been in, so add that to the one motorcycle accident.

Bleah. Well, no one injured, which is very fortunate. Now, to deal with the whole "insurance, repair, rental-car" thing I've heard so many good things about :)

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Was it a "drive away" or "tow away"?

You have my sympathy, having just been through that crap myself.

Two cars (including mine), drive away. Two cars tow-away, but mostly because there were bumpers hanging off. The cars otherwise appeared drivable.

*snugs* At least you're ok. Everything past that is just paperwork :)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! No run over Spottybits!!!! Spottybits no run over other things!!!!

I wish you luck with the "insurance, repair, rental-car" thing.

Yow. I am very, very glad to hear that you weren't hurt!

Glad you're ok.

Also, just in case you missed it. Found your watch at the picnic.

Holy crap... Best of luck to you *squeezes*

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