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Fax Spam
Just got a fax spam at work, but of a somewhat new variety.

Some company is offering to pay a bounty of 50c for each fax received, annotated with a name/number, and faxed back to the company. I'm presuming that they're setting up some advertising deal with companies and asking for a premium since they KNOW that they're getting people to read the faxes.

So, of course, I'm thinking of a way of collecting the money for the least effort possible

So, here's the idea:

* Set up a computerised fax receiving and sending system. There's plenty for Linux, so this isn't a problem.
* Write some fancy web pages to make the following process easier.
* Receive any faxes into a database.
* With some font that looks like handwriting (vary it a little from fax to fax), plaster the name and phone number onto the page
* Through the web application, be able to quickly view the faxes received - annotated - and mark the appropriate ones to be faxed back to the company. (I'm assuming that the company may send "test faxes" of some kind to ensure that automation like this isn't being done)

So, I figure that if the software is written correctly, it would take about 10 seconds to view and "approve" of each fax, and the software does the rest. 50c for 5 seconds is about $360 an hour, which isn't a bad wage at all :)

Now, the bad news: The offer mentioned that it could be withdrawn at any time, so I'm guessing that they're going to offer this bounty for about a week or so in order to build up a list of "advertising friendly" clients, then cancel it and leave the poor sucker to receive a ton of fax junk for ever. Ah well.

PS: More hang-gliding coming up this Sunday. Woo!

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Or the company that sent the fax has nothing to do with the number they want you to send the faxes to, they just want to suck you into a distributed DOS against somebody else's fax machine.

OMG. That's evil :)

Haha, that's actually amusing. This company tells person A to send the numbers to B. Tells B to send it to C, and so on. Every fax gets a name and number attached to it, like sticker-covered luggage :)

My guess is that it's a junk-faxer's way of activating the "existing business relationship" exception to the TCPA. I bet that once the exception is activated, it's really hard to cancel the relationship, which opens the floodgates for junk fax.

yay for flying! :)

I'm going to be at the beach clinic learning ridge soaring in monterey sunday till sat...

hopefully I wont bring back too much of the beach in my glider!

after that, let me know when you go flying again, I'll see if I can come out and take pictures of you :)

Totally awesome! I hope you have a great time!

me too!
my instructor has a policy of those who smack into the dunes have to buy him lunch.
I'm still paying off my equipment, don't know how many lunches I can afford ;)

What kind of glider did you get ?

Ohhhh! Para-gliding :) Okay, I was assuming ridge-soaring meant hang-gliding :)

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