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Everything is Pants
Okay, before today, I've never heard the term "... is pants" before, as an insult or in any other context (other than pants). Today I heard it from three totally separate, non-connected places. Only one of which was that whole Lloys is Pants kerfuffle, and the other references are older than that.

Go figure!

Anyway, so, I'll take advantage of that situation and see what comes of it. Suggestions for content are welcome and encouraged :)

PS: The Lloyd's website has a search box, with a "most common searches" tag-cloud attached to it. Click this link a few times and we'll see if we can get "is pants" to show up in the cloud :)

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I'm going to integrate the phrase "is pants" into my vocabulary, and use it as many times as possible this weekend to see if it will catch on in my circles :P

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