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More hang-gliding practise
This sunday went out to the slopes to do a bit of practise and consolidation of everything I've learned so far. I'm going to be starting winch-tow operations on the 21st, so, this practise will stop me getting too rusty.

(PS: My first YouTube upload)

And yes, that's me ballooning a little just before landing. The trick is to "hold" the pitch-angle - you never "take it back" - and then just push up even more just before you land. In case it isn't obvious from the video, it was a very light landing.

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Sweet n.n That, by the way, is just like I imagine Australia looks like, everywhere.

yep. Except its near Hollister, CA. I live in California now, and have been for 8 years.

Well! That just means you need to post more often :)

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