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Welcome to the first entry in my LiveJournal! Of course, you've probably seen that so many times, so I think I should put something more significant than that simple sentence. But, what to write?

I could write about how I've been meaning to set up my own journal for some time now. But was waiting until I fiddled with my own journal code. However, I've got better places to spend my coding efforts, and I liked the 'LiveJournal community' feel. So... here it is.

Or perhaps I could talk a bit about what kinds of things I'm going to put into the journal, such as significant experiences, thoughts on today's socio-political landscape, neat things I've discovered with my Mac, reviews of products or deep, philosophical thoughts.

Perhaps it would be good to just delve straight into what happened to me today, not that there was anything in particular significant with today, as opposed to yesterday, or perhaps I should wait until something interesting happens. Then again, I should just use it as soon as possible. After all, I've paid for this thing, I might as well use it.

And perhaps... I've written enough for the first entry after all!

Until next time, adios!