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A little flight reading.
Woo.. today's a day to be in the air!

Saturday: Biannual Flight Review. Pass! Okay, that's not usually a big deal: anyone who's piloting has to take a BFR every two years, but I haven't flown a 'real' plan in over two years, so I was quite rusty. Passed without much concern at all.

Joy flights around the bay for all.. first time's free :)

Sunday: First day of training for my hang-2 rating. I'll be strapping myself into the school's tow/winch system... sure beats pushing the big kite up the hill. Unfortunately, for the first several flights, it'll be substituting that for a much *longer* walk.

However, I should be able to progress to much higher operations, giving me enough altitude to do a full pattern, and land near where I take off.

Off to bed now: have a 5am start. Will report in tomorrow night!

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That means I'll have to pay for my next flight :}

I haven't flown here since I bought my house. Its strange, buy a house and suddenly that spare cash you had, disappears.

Uhm... NoDamageDaCheetah! have fun, but NoDamage!

Unfortunately, I did damage myself a bit. Took a practise landing badly and landed on my chest. I think just a bruised rib. Ouch!

is it in the same place as your training hill?

Yep. Just a bit down the hill and far enough forward that it doesn't interfere with the hill operations.

cool, mind if I drop by sometime? I'd like to meet some locals and talk to instructors about the area

I don't mind at all!

You might also consider dropping in at Mission Soaring Center in Milpitas. Saturday's is a good day to do that.

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