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Oh pooh, and darnit.
The tow machine broke, and they didn't get it working again till about noon (lessons starte at 8am).

Still, I got a couple of "getting used to the tow" flights in, and that was good. Fel had a great, productive time with his own lessons too, so all in all a pretty good day!

* They have a motorised winch with two reels, the cable extends nearly a mile upwind, around a pulley, and back again.
* The tow cable is attached to a releasing mechanism, which is attached to one's gliding harness. The cable pulls your harness (and you) along, which subsequently pulls the glider.
* The release mechanism is either manually released, or automatically released when the angle of tow goes too far down as opposed to out and forward.
* The motor is designed to apply a constant force. Usual force is 100 lbs. (About 450N, I guess).
* At the starting "block", there's a literal block - a 2x4" length of wood - that you can use to "brace" yourself.
* The procedure for the pilot is: Demonstrate to the motor operator that you're hooked in. Operator will crank in 50lbs of force, which you're expected to resist. Once you've determined you're still very well balanced, you stomp your foot twice to indicate to the operator to increase to 100lbs of force. Still resistable... when you're ready, you just stop resisting... running along with the tow system without trying to run ahead of it, and you'll pick up speed until you're flying!

All in all, pretty neat.