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Hang-gliding at Ed Levin Park
So, since lessons using the tow system aren't going to be happening for a couple more weeks - the instructor is on vacation - time to do some flying at Ed Levin Park, in Milpitas.

The park has several launches, and they all use the same Landing Zone, which makes things a little easier as you progress to higher and higher launches.

Here's a KML File you can load into Google Earth to see where the launches are. There are several more, a 40 foot, as well as a 60 and a 1200, that I haven't marked, because I don't know where they are.

For today, it was a single launch from the 50 foot, presumably a "warm up" flight, then the rest was from the 150 foot, which is probably the highest I've flown to date. That gives me nearly a minute in the air, and plenty of time to do training maneuvers.

The downside is that you have to haul you, your glider, and harness up a crappy little path up the steep hill, and over two sets of crappy steps to get over the fence line. Six times. Totally tiring! (But still totally worth it!)

Hopefully, the instructor will start driving us from the Landing Zone to the 300 foot launch, when we get to that point.

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what's the rules about flying there?
thinking maybe I could bring my Paraglider and take a few rides down ;)

In short, you'll need to be a Wings of Rogallo member; there's no guest privileges. But it's pretty easy to obtain. The rules for each launch, and how to obtain the proficiency stickers, are here:


Most of the paragliding stuff appears to be done from the 300 foot launch, so you'll want to figure out how to get a ride from the LZ up to there (its a long walk)... do you want me to research some paragliding places for you?

Well the only the place I've flown so far is Sand City.
Did you say you were going again this sunday?
I know there are other places, but most of them I think need atleast a site intro and I figure I would talk to local pilots and make some friends.
...and help you carry your glider if you want, hehe ;)

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