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Hang-2 Get!
I'm now a qualified hang-2 hang-glider pilot! woot!

Went back to my original training site, near Hollister, to do some more tow-winch launch operations. I was kinda antsy about switching modes, especially since I was so close to getting my hang-2 at Ed Levin park, but I'm really glad I did this.

No huge amount of walking up hills, or packing and unpacking my glider for each flight.

And, at the end of the day, I had 20 launches, with a flight of about 3-4 minutes each. Yes, TWENTY. The record for a day is 21, but I was too tired/heat-struck/dizzy to do one or two more. Good judgment should reign supreme :)

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Congratulations! You realize that you're crazy, right? =};-3

man oh maaaaaan. I wanna try this some day. So awesome

Well, hit me up when you come this way, and we'll go gliding together. The lessons are a little on the expensive side: $170 if you pay them individually, but they do supply everything, and they also structure things so you'll get some airtime on the first lesson... perhaps just 5-10 feet off the ground for about 10 seconds, but that's surprisingly thrilling :) After that they focus more on getting foundation skills set before progressing, but they want people to have a better experience on their first time.

If you REALLY want to fly, there's always the tandem flight option, which is more expensive again.

And, thanks on the compliment, but that certainly wasn't one of my best landings that day :) It WAS in the landing zone, though, which is the last thing I needed to do for my rating.

Congrats :) Just don't be offended if I turn down any offers to go flying with you. Call me old fashioned, but I like and engine... and seats... and even the little cup holders...

Ah... then what you want is a powered paraglider! :)

Yes, its called a plane :)

Actually someone down near our holiday house had one one year, you'd seem them flying around the place. I suspect it was one of the local farmers who also hosted an ultra-light club a few years back - his paddocks were filled with all these different ultralights, coming and going throughout the day.

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