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For next weekend.
I've just received one of the new Flip Mino HD video cameras, with the intent on attahing it somewhere to the glider. I'd previously got myself a new Canon point-and-shoot camera for that purpose, And at some point i might try both out, but the Flip has a much better resolution: 1280x720 at 30fps. The quality is outstandingly good.

I've got a mounting bracket, and it should attach just fine to the keel of the glider, somewhere behind and above me. We'll see how things turn out next sunday: more tow-winch launches then!

Also, I've nearly 2 hours of flight time and 78 flights logged, which is a significant chunk of the 10 hours and 90 flights required for a Hang-3 rating. Clearly the number of flights is not a problem at this point... the goal now is to get another 8 hours without spending a huge chunk of money and energy on tows or hauls-up-the-hill. So... let's get better at soaring :)