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The hang-gliding plan!
The Goal

Flying at Big Sur in early december.

What I need to get there

1. My "hang-3 spots", which are accuracy (spot) landings required as part of the hang-3 certification. I'll work on and get those on my tow-launched flights this coming Sunday. The task requires three consecutive landings, either within 50 feet of a target, or on a 200 foot by 40 foot "runway".

2. At least three flights from the 1750 foot launch at Ed Levin park. And before I do that, I'll need:

3. At least one flight from the 600 foot launch at Ed Levin park.

Those last two I'm going to tentatively schedule for Saturday the 29th, but that'll depend on Harold (a registered observer) being available that day. I could also schedule something mid week, either before or after the 29th. I'm pretty sure I could shift a day to go gliding in the morning.

So, there it is! A nice, but aggressive plan!

Update: Harold's not available that Saturday, so I've scheduled in something Wednesday morning.

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Ohboy! 600 feet sounds awfully high to me... but another part of me thinks it sounds like fun!

It's totally fun! :) Of course, one needs to do things safely, which is why the training is gradual and progressive.

And, the altitude difference between the launch point and landing zone at Big Sur is 3000 feet :)

man, wish my spots could be 50 feet across or a runway, heh.
(PG spots are 20 feet)
Are you flying this Wednesday?

Hush! You can fly backwards! :)

And not tomorrow-Wednesday, but the 26th.

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