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I'm gliiiiiding in the rain....
... oh I'm gliiiiiiding in the rain....

Okay, I know I can't sing :)

Today I took a "delayed" day at work to do a little more hang-gliding at Ed Levin Park. The goal here was to do a flight from the 600 foot launch, and then 3 from the 1750 foot launch, all in preparation for my Big Sur trip in early december.

Unfortunately, the weather intervened, and put a literal damper on it all. However, i did get a couple of flights from the 600 foot launch, the last of which was in the rain, since it started to really rain, rather than just threaten to, just after I set up the glider.

We waited under the shelter of the gliders for about 40 minutes. The rain let up a little bit, enough for Harold, the person observing all of this shenanigans, to say "okay, you up for this"? Given that the glider wasn't noticeably heaver, and still had the right "heft" to it, I said "Sure!". And sure enough, it glided just fine, without any noticeable speed increase: heavier loads won't change the glide hangle, but will make the speed at that angle faster. Also, wet gliders behave slightly differently, but I didn't really notice anything.

What I did notice was the propensity for the glider to want to "float" about the ground much more significantly than normal, which made my landing longer than normal.

(just a few photos from this trip, which I'll upload soon. No videos yet).

All in all, a great couple of flights, and a really enjoyable morning, even if packing up the glider in moderate rain is one of the most miserable experiences I've encountered, right on par with pitching a tent, the old kinds with ropes and frames and stakes, during rain.

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I wonder if that had to do with the winds or the air pressure or...?

in the rain?!
um... your crazy. ;)

I wouldn't be caught dead on a glider (I'm afraid), but I have experience with tents. Yes, the old kind with ropes can be annoying, but some of these modern ones are just as bad. In fact, the rope ones would probably take less time in some cases. You get that long bamboo-like plastic thingy that connects with a corner and the corner doesn't stay in one end without popping out of the opposite end - it's a pain in the ass if you're trying it by yourself. And then the crappy stakes come out and you're rolling over in a high wind.

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