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Hang-gliding at Ed Levin, from the 600'
Attached the Flip video camera to the keel of the glider and flew off the 600 foot launch at Ed-Levin park.

Unfortunately, I need to find a better way of mounting the camera... this one rotated slightly during flight.

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Wow, the quality on the flip is pretty damn good!

Now, give us helmet-cam next time!

Edited at 2008-12-02 03:23 am (UTC)

Its actually much MUCH better than what's represented here. But, I think I exported it strangely from iMovie; I still need to fiddle around with things more.

The original video, as recorded, is 550MB :)

Nice landing. Actually, according to my flying instructor, that is a great landing. Good landing is where you get successful down; a great one is where you can reuse the plane :)

Actually, they were very good landings. I was instructed to keep my eyes focussed forward rather than glancing at the ground, both during launches and landings, and it improved both remarkably!

Sounds like the advice I got while landing a plane - look at the end of the runway and not off the nose, then just fly it down. Of course, in a glider, your feet have to start working at some point as well.

I want to resume my hang gliding activities! This video reminds me of the fun one can have!

The flip video is a good camera, light and versatile. Good luck with your flying.

So, what's hang-gliding in the UK like? What kind of opportunities do you have, and what's the legal requirements like?

There is not much difference between hang glider activities in the US and UK, apart from the weather being much less favorable here.

The legal requirements are similar, with insurance only being provided through being a member of the national hang gliding organisation.

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