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Rock Band review
Several weeks ago I briefly played rock-band at a friends place. I thought "hey, this is pretty fun".

The very next day, slickdeals.net showed a deal from Hot Topic, of all places, of the complete Rock Band 1 kit, plus the Rock Band 2 game, all for $100 shipped. I thought "what a great deal!". So, I bought it.

It's a surprisingly awesome game! Now, I'm not really a big fan of rock music; "harmonic trance" is more my style. (which includes most computer-game music, too... Chris Huelsbeck rocks... pun intended ;) ), but this whole game has given me a whole new appreciation of rock music. I still wont load up my ipod with it, though :)

In particular:

* Being able to effectly play the game requires you to listen/analyse the music. In so doing, a lot of the technical complexities of each song become apparent, and I'm left with "wow, that bass/guitar/drum riff was compelx and challenging and really interestingly structured)

* Being a little animated when playing - "getting into the song" so to speak - makes it easier to play the part accurately.

* Probably to a small extend on the guitar, but I can imagine a large extent on the drums, this appears to be pretty good practice for playing real instruments.

* The character animations going on in the background are actually playing/singing-to the song being played, right down to fret work on the guitars. Couple that with very human-looking movement during the song, and in between songs... some really clever engineering going on there. ALl rendered real time: you can change the look and the "attitude" of the characters depending on your own wishes, and you may get different locations/looks for the same song, depending on what's been picked, either randomly or part of a "tour".

* Especially in rock band 2, the artwork shown during the menus, all zoomorphic, looks awesome.

All in all, its a marvelously produced game! A+! Would buy again!