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Transportation and Storage

Glider freedom ... finally. Glider freedom ... finally.
The Vibe carries my glider for the first time. Previously I've been having friends and glider instructors get the glider out of storage and haul it up to the gliding site (wherever it may be). Given that I can now fly some cool places without instruction, having to make transportation arrangements became really inconvenient for everyone. Now, I'm free as a bird! That is, until I get to the site... I still need someone with a 4WD to hall me up the mountain :)
Storage at Home. Storage at Home.
I've built a hoist storage system in my garage with rope and pulleys (and a borrowed - for the moment - ladder).

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Or, if not a 4WD, the next best thing... a rental ;)

I'm presuming you mean a rental 4WD? :)

Edited at 2009-01-03 03:38 am (UTC)

No, just any rental. Its amazing where you can get a car if you're not concerned about its wellbeing.

I liked those videos you've posted!

So how heavy is that glider?

Yeah! I'm getting into the whole media thing :) Things are becomming a little more polished each time.

The glider, assembled and without all the cover-bags, is about 55 lbs.

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