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VCL Pick of the Day (Catchup!)
Well, my last effort for the day should really be a bunch of other things, but for tonight, it'll be my catchup for the VCL Pick of the day.

This one's from Ursula Vernon:

Aww... isn't that both cute, and disturbing, at the same time? :) One of my personal enjoyments (is that a real word?) is to challenge people's assumptions, and to have my own challenged, too. Most folk see mythical beasts (dragons, unicorns... and griffins) as majestic, regal or beautiful beasts. Ursula's depiction challenges us to take a different view, and see things in a way that we may not think of, or even enjoy all that much :) Ah, from such things is humour derived!

There's a beautifully warped dragon in her collection, too. Go see what else you can run into!

And, as a side note, I actually take great pleasure in finding out that I'm wrong about something. It's like a surprise! "Ooo... cool, I learn something new today!" Of course, one can't be wrong or right about mythical beasts, but... there's a little of that when confronted with unusual interpretations of 'commonly held' concepts.