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Flying days.
Had a day off on Tuesday to attend for a few things, but they were all in the late afternoon to evening so... lets try going gliding in the morning!

Unfortunately, while the weather was great, the wind direction was not cooperating, so no opportunity to fly from the 1750-foot launch at Ed Levin.

So, a short, 2-minute flight from the 600-foot, in minimal lift, was in order. Worth-it, though, since one of the requirements for a hang-3 rating is to have 30 "flying days", and I only have 15 or so, so far; I'm more likely to reach my "10 hour" requirement, first, so getting in a flying day, even for a 2-minute flight, is worth it.

Keeping up the regular flying, to stay proficient and honed, is also worth it :)