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VCL Pick of the dayishperiodkindathing.
Been a bit busy over the past view days, with FC coming up I had a bit of work to ensure got done (and didn't... ah well... looks like I'm going to be working through the con ;)

Here's one I spotted a few days ago that caught my eye, by Lunatic 13:

I've always been a sucker for pencil work, either pencil outlines or shading. This, being oekaki (or "e o kaki" as I'm sure it's supposed to be called, but the spelling got lost in translation somewhere) still looks like it was penciled, so it's tripped up all the 'ooo, pencil work' neurons in my brain. And... check out those colours. Really nice use of the contrast-y orange in subtly different hues. Makes me wonder if this could be achieved in real-life media... probably yes :)