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VCL Pick of the Day
Right on the heels of my previous excursions into the attractiveness of colour is this bright piece by Andrea Koupal:

Nice, fully-saturated colours blended in with highlights and shadows make for a gripping, lively piece. I'd hazard a guess that this was digitally coloured, but... it looks like it was pencil coloured in a number of areas, and that just adds points as far as I'm concerned. The flaring from the sunlight is very well executed, and the characters seem bright and alive. A very dynamic piece without any implied movement.

This was a tough call; there were some very lovely airbrushed pieces by The Feline Canine that caught my attention, too.

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Thank you for the comments on the art... To say that the characters look alive is a great compliment, I think.
And I thank you and Snout for your work maintaining the VCL, so that I have a nice place to put these pictures :)

-Andrea Koupal

You're most welcome :)

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