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Junk Mail: The Thot Plickens
Yesterday I received yet more junk mail from AT&T broadband. (Looks like they're sending out some kind of junk every month). You may recall that in early December I issued a Prohibitory Order against AT&T broadband. So, that makes the mail I received today a violation of that order. Whee! AT&T Broadband has committed a federal crime!

Well, possibly not...

I was going through the motions about what I needed to do to report the violation. I seemed to remember that I simply needed to submit the violating mail, plus a copy of the prohibitory order, to some department or another. Well, before I found the address, I found this little snippet from the Forum 1500:

When your application has been processed, we will notify you of the effective date of your protected status and how to report any violation.

Needless to say, it's been almost two months since I submitted the Form 1500s, and I have received no such notification, which leads me to one of three possibilities:

  • The Postmaster has not submitted the forums to the Prohibitory Order Processing Center (for whatever reason)
  • The center has not processed the order (for whatever reason)
  • The center has not issued a notification in this case (for whatever reason)

So, there's a very good chance that AT&T Broadband has not received notification that they need to stop sending me mail or have their nose swatted. Damn, no justice today. Instead, I busy myself with the task of figuring out if the form was actually submitted or not.

I call the local post-office and talk to the receptionist. She directs me to call the Carrier Route Delivery Office instead. I don't know why; the route delivery people are not responsible for filtering my mail. I call them anyway.

I end up talking to a very helpful gentleman who becomes completely puzzled about why I was directed to him, but offers to help me track down the problem anyway. Turns out that the carrier route delivery people are contractors, rather than USPS employees, and, at least in this case, don't mind chatting a bit about how the delivery system works. So, I take advantage of this to ask about another junk-mail problem that I have.

A bit of background first. There are three major junk-mail houses that deliver to my letterbox: PennySaver, Advo (ShopWise), and AdMail. I've spoken with all three of these companies asking to have my name removed from their mailing lists. You may recall that PennySaver was the recipient of the other Prohibitory Order :) However, they've taken a different tact, now.

Instead of the usual 'card with my address on it, plus a bunch of associated junk', I'm not receiving an outer - a double-wide page, folded to make a folder - with the junk bundled inside. There is NO address label, nor even a spot for one, on the folder. My theory is that they're using a new, cheaper method to get the junk to me. One that doesn't require an addressing label. And, no label means no address list means no way to take myself off of their mailing list.

Calls to both Advo and AdMail are fruitless. They disclaim all knowledge of this new delivery method, telling me that I should still receive a 'card' with my address on it.

And, isn't it strange that the three big junk-mail houses all switch to the same method within a month of each other?

So, I ask my new friend at the carrier route office, and he has no idea about this new method either. I drop the term 'Postal Patron' (which the lady at AdMail was nice enough to tell me about), but that doesn't ring any bells either.

So, he's asked me to send him a copy of the Prohibitory Order for AT&T Broadband, as well as the junk mail collections from those three houses, and he'll see what he can do about it. I'll fill you in late next week when (and if) I get a response.

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Living out in the middle of nowhere as I do, I don't get any mail that I didn't ask for... Which I guess is one heck of a blessing, from what I'm reading here...

But I'm eager to see what happens in the end, because... man, that's some really shabby tactics. It's like they think you'll feel guilty for trying to get rid of them and suddenly give them money or something..

And it's also interesting to read about err... the process that you go through to get rid of that stuff. I wouldn't even know anywhere to begin.

You could always just mail it straight back. I am completely unsure of the exact type of advertising, but if there are any self addressed envelopes enclosed.... ^^

I've received no junk mail that has 'business reply post' facility. If it did, I'd certainly make use of it to send them their junk back (and perhaps a brick or two). This is exactly why they DON'T have that kind of thing anymore.

Also, because it's 3rd or 4th class mail, the post office will just throw it away if I write 'not known at this address, return to sender' on it. To get that service, you need to send 1st class mail (perhaps 2nd class has it, but not I'm not sure).

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